We offer a wide range of tree removal & aboricultural services around Nottinghamshire. Try us, you might be suprised what we can do!

What We Do?

Trees are an important part of our landscape and depending on their location some will need more care and maintenance than others. As fully trained arborists we are happy to provide you with advice so that your trees get the care they require and that you get the most out of them. We offer more than just tree removal!


Crown Reduction

Pruning of branches to reduce the size of the tree but keeping the overall shape.

Crown Lift

Removal of lower branches to provide increased light or to provide clearance of people/structures.

Crown Thinning

Removal of selected branches to provide increased light or to reduce the effects of wind on the tree canopy.

Crown Cleaning

Removal of dead, damaged and crossing branches which can become entry points for infection.


A process which requires the removal of the majority of branches. The tree will then regenerate but at a reduced size. Pollarding is only possible on certain tree species and the process can leave the tree looking unsightly until the new growth appears.

Tree Removal

Should you require your tree to be completely removed then we can ensure that this is done safely. In built up environments it is rare that a tree can be felled and more often than not it will have to be dismantled in manageable pieces.

Hedge Reduction & Trimming

Left untended hedges can soon get out of control. Regular trimming can avoid this, however if your hedges have become unruly and require a more severe reduction we can also provide this service.

TPO and conservation area applications

Due to their location Some trees are protected and permission will have to be granted by the council before work can be carried out. We are happy to handle the necessary applications for you.

Ivy Removal

We can remove ivy from either your trees or buildings.

Stump Removal

There are a number of methods available to deal with tree stumps. We can discuss the options with you to find the most suitable for you.

We believe in putting back in what we take out.  We try to have our waste re-used whenever possible. Our wood chippings go to various local allotments for use as mulch or pathways.  Logs are used as firewood and can either be left onsite for customers or taken away.